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The video uploaded is the Work-In-Progress movie of [MOON JAR – CONVERSATION BETWEEN MAN AND MACHINE].

Please note that the video is intended for specific individuals and purposes.

“There is something in common which is hard to explain.”

Xavier Perrenoud, a Swiss designer specialized in luxury and craftsmanship and tenured professor of ECAL, remarked to Carson Hong, a Seoul-based product designer while talking about the Swiss and Korean craftsmanship in the courtyard of ECAL, Lausanne, Switzerland.

As the conversation between two passionate designers got more deepened, the will towards integration of Swiss-Korean artisanal and craftsmanship philosophy grew bigger and bigger.

[MOON JAR – CONVERSATION BETWEEN MAN AND MACHINE] is an exhibition by Xavier Perrenoud and Carson Hong, presenting 9 pieces of ceramics that reinterpreted warm and humble Korean aesthetics with precise and pure Swissness.

Each piece with characterful design essences merged with the archetype of unaffectedly designed moon jar came into the world from the hand of a ceramic master Heung-bae Kim and ceramic 3D printing technologies.

By pursuing the goal of linking each country’s cultural heritages, this exhibition introduces its visitors to a new notion of convergence in thoughts, habits, forms, and processes of Swiss and Korean design culture.

In particular, the exhibition presents the future of craft as it is the very first case of the convergence of the human hand and cutting-edge technology in ceramics.

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