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Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy Mirror, 2020

Escaping from the [magical] digital world where everything is controlled by the user’s voice - the idea for the project first came from observing the way people interact with others and objects.

Galaxy Mirror is a communication accessory connecting family members through a human-friendly medium, stemming from research on universal human means of communication.

This device serves as a contact point in human-home interactions by displaying useful information when entering and leaving the home.

In particular, Fog Mode, inspired by the urge to doodle on a fogged-up mirror, allows family members to share their handwritten memos with others.

Inspired by universal experiences and powered by today’s technology, Galaxy Mirror is at the nexus of human communications and the home environment.

Screen Shot 2022-09-16 at 10.03.49 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-09-16 at 10.05.08 AM.png

Type 1
Nylon strap and recycled plastic with electric parts inside

Type 2
Oak with electric parts inside


Mirage, Vase, 2020

Mirage is a series of surreal mirrory vases designed to depict the diverse aspects of one’s personality.
The blurry and various geometries made from the angles of two reflective surfaces and a horizontal plane symbolize the varied characters of oneself.

Simultaneously, the optimal angles allow the viewers to achieve a surround-view of the object put on the plane.
The gradient mirror effect done by serigraphy emphasizes the illusory floating form dramatically.

In this way, Mirage provides a fantasy vision through a combination of reflection and transparency.


Mirage-Tr 356*243*700
Mirage-Sq 356*178*650
Mirage-Pe 404*119*600
Mirror ink serigraphy on glass structure
Swiss Made by VQT Verre et Quartz Technique SA

Limited Edition


Vuori, Tumbler, 2019

A glass is in a shape that is designed to keep liquid effectively. However, what if something is already in the glass?
This design delivers a message about environmental issues while drawing attention with its unique shape.

Depending on how much water is poured in the product, the shape of a melting glacier or a mountain underwater - the common scenes global warming has caused - can be observed.
From this, the design aims to make more people appreciate the glass of water they are drinking at the moment.

In particular, the design allows a user to grab the product stably by making the overall shape convex while making the lower part narrow.
The name Vuori is a Finnish word meaning a mountain and the shape of a mountain inside the product resembles Baekrokdam of Mt. Hanra; the highest peak of South Korea.


Crystal 100*100*90


Orbit, Shelf, 2022

Orbit shelf is a composition of a wall-mounted shelf and a series of circular metal and acrylic plates designed in collaboration with industrial designer Jisan Chung.
From exquisite design processes, an ideal composition and versatile usage was achieved.

Each plate was made from brass, aluminum, stainless steel, and satin-finished acryl with a varied dimension in order to be suitable for each material’s characteristics.
According to the personal configuration of parts, users can hide, expose, and even highlight the object displayed on the shelf.

The project was commissioned by an individual client.

Screen Shot 2022-09-16 at 10.50.46 AM.png

White Oak with 3 grooves engraved 356*243*700
Brass 300*300*2
Stainess 130*130*2
Aluminium 130*75*2
Acryl 130*130*2

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