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The exhibition [DIALOGUE] started from a conversation about Swiss and Korean craftsmanship with Xavier Perrenoud- a Swiss designer who specialized in luxury and craftsmanship and a professor at ECAL. During two years of research and manufacturing, two designers have put the new notion of convergence in philosophies, designs, ideas, forms, and processes of both countries’ craftsmanship into each piece.




Project Management, Design, Production Management


In particular, this exhibition is the result of plentiful dialogues between distinctive elements such as form and spirit, tradition and technology, design and craft, and Switzerland and Korea. As a result, the shape of the convergence diffuses uniqueness and even coziness in each piece.

Each piece was designed based on earthy Korean aesthetics and pure Swissness by reinterpreting the white porcelain moon jar of the Joseon Dynasty, which is one of the representative Korean artworks. Each piece with characterful design essence merged with the archetypical moon jar came into the world from the expertise and finesse of Xavier Perrenoud, Carson Hong, master ceramist Heung-bae Kim, and ceramic 3D printing technologies.

This convergence is the very first case in ceramic arts and has a deep meaning that it shows the future of craft. This exhibition has been selected as an official event for the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Switzerland and Korea and is sponsored by the Korea Ceramic Foundation, Yido, and the Embassy of Switzerland in the Republic of Korea.

Size varies by each piece

Porcelain, Glazed

Photo by Shin Bahc

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