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Samsung Galaxy Mirror

Escaping from the [magical] digital world where everything is controlled by the user’s voice - the idea for the project first came from observing the way people interact with others and objects. Galaxy Mirror is a communication accessory connecting family members through a human-friendly medium, stemming from research on universal human means of communication.




Concept development, Design, CMF Design

This device serves as a contact point in human-home interactions by displaying useful information when entering and leaving the home. In particular, Fog Mode, inspired by the urge to doodle on a fogged-up mirror, allows family members to share their handwritten memos with others.


Inspired by universal experiences and powered by today’s technology, Galaxy Mirror is at the nexus of human communications and the home environment.

Type 1: 176*261*21
Nylon strap and recycled plastic with electric parts inside

Type 2: 214*304*20
Oak with electric parts inside

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